A dramatic audio podcast set during the Book of Revelation.


Bible Runners’ S.O.S. Episode One is here!

Hello all!

I am super excited to announce the release of Foundation the first episode of the Bible Runners’ S.O.S. dramatic podcast!

Above is a link to an updated version which has title cards, concept art and phtography to bring the world to life a little bit, otherwise is exactly the same as getting the regular mp3.

To download the MP3 click on this link:

Get the MP3 Here!

Click on the play button to preview the episode if you wish.
Click on the orange download now button to get the ball rolling.

I hope you enjoy the first episode we are planning a 12 episode first season so there’s lots more to come!

In Christ,



Welcome to The Bible Runners S.O.S. Podcast Blog!

Hello folks,

If you came here from one of my other blogs it’s good to see you, if you’re new to my extensive network of blogs then welcome and check them out once I have the menu system up and running. Over on the Bible Runner Online I’ve teased the eventual release of an old radio style dramatic podcast featuring talented voice actors, music, special sound effects and more in a setting during the Book of Revelation.

Well after a lot of thought I’ve chosen to give it it’s own blog because it is going to need the breathing space!

So today as we open our blog for the podcast…the first episode of which hits June 1st, I’m pleased to present another mood setting trailer.

Why do I say mood setting, because the podcast itself creates its own sets and locations through your own imagination!

Be on the lookout because they’ll be lots of updates in the future.

God Bless!

The Bible Runners S.O.S. Team